Saturday, January 26, 2008

When she grows up...

Will she be a doctor?  That's what she says when you ask.  I guess we better start saving for her college education.  What will it cost by the time she heads off to school?  Probably 4 million.  

And here she is helping me with the house chores.  
The vacuum looks pretty real huh!  I wish it actually worked.  Seriously.  


faith said...

those glasses are AWESOME! you re-arranged! Nice!

The Chirgwin Family said...

Jenna is so cute!
I saved up and finally bought one of those stick vacuums. You plug it in and then it's cordless when you use it - for that exact reason - I got tired of them 'helping' with the pretend vacuum. I figured, it sure would be nice if it actually worked. This one is light enought that Elise could push it, and the handle height adjusts. Their favorite part is emptying the canister in the trash and seeing all the gross crumbs, dog hair, etc.. We're easily entertained. :)