Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pray for Elsie

Everything seems to be fine, but please pray for Elsie. Late Thursday night she came down with a fever of 102 so we took her to the ER. After hours of testing they took us in an ambulance to Emanuel and continued testing and observation. So far all the tests have come back with good results and her fever has been under 100 for a whole day. They are keeping her at the hospital until at least tomorrow (Sunday) morning and then we hope to go home with a baby on her way to full recovery. It has been a really rough few days, but God is good and we continue to trust His plan for His baby girl. Pray for Eric and Jenna too. Thanks, I love you all.


Heidi said...

Hey Megan, if you need anything Please, Please call! Meals, babysitting for Jenna, or anything delievered to you (at hospital, or home). You are all in our prayers.

Alison said...

Love you friend.

ang said...

Still praying. Love you guys.