Thursday, October 04, 2007

37 weeks...

This last week has been filled with last minute preparation, major panics (over nothing), very little sleep, and feeling the "I'm ready" feelings that come with the last trimester. I have another appointment tomorrow morning...hopefully we are getting closer to welcoming baby into our home.

Jenna has been making some great strides. She is sleeping through naps totally dry (and with undies on!) and waking up dry in the morning (but not quite consistently enough to take away the pull-ups!). She has actually been playing by herself more these last few days, which has been an encouragement. She often pretends to take baby Elsie out of my tummy and carry her in her little hands until she is ready to put her back into my tummy. I have let her know a few times that once baby Elsie is actually born, she's out of my tummy for good! Her favorite pastimes include dancing and dress-up. She also loves to stack legos, take care of her babies, build little domino stacks, and read books. But most of these things she likes to do WITH us. She is social, and loves to play with others (but at the same time she is quite shy). I guess that is the Jenna update.

I don't like posting without pictures, so here is a picture of Jenna when she was a newborn. Will Elsie look just like her? We will soon find out!