Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our camera is back!

I am not sure how long we were without a camera, but it felt like a LONG TIME!! Thankfully our camera is back from the Cannon store, totally repaired and ready for use. It ended up being a common Cannon problem that they fixed for free! They paid for everything, even shipping. Before we knew it would be fixed for free we looked into Best Buy for repairs. It would have been $80 just to send it out to check what was wrong with it! Crazy.

Speaking of cameras, Jenna has one now! Mimi and Poppy sent Jenna a little Tinkerbell camera a few weeks ago and she loves it. She takes lots of pictures, but I think most of the pictures are of her own face or her little fingers blocking the lense. Oh well. Someday we will get some of those pictures on the blog too.

Jenna had a bellybutton check up yesterday. It took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot at Emanuel, only to have her appointment last literally two minutes! That is just long enough for them to tell me that everything looks great. So, that was good news. Jenna was a real good sport for the whole journey. First we got a little lost on our way there. She kept saying, "Don't worry mom, daddy will help us." I had to call him several times on a cell phone nearly drained of battery so that he could direct us to the hospital. I took the wrong exit and boy that mess us up! Then in the parking lot when we were circling for hours (20 minutes) she kept saying, "it will be okay" and "oh well, we will find a spot soon". This was really cute to me because we have been working on her little attitude and this showed how much she is learning. Have you ever heard the phrase, "crying over spilled milk."? I always wondered what that was suppose to mean. Until Jenna started to cry over spilled milk! She would spill from her cereal onto her chair or clothes every morning, adn would literally loose it! She would cry and cry every morning! So we have been teaching her to say, "oh well, it will dry" and "oops, I spilled. Will you help me please". Anyways, she is doing better, and used her skills to keep me calm while we were lost and driving around the parking lot! So, here is our little growing girl!

More pictures and updates to come soon!


The Chirgwin Family said...

I ABHOR the parking garage there! Did you go in the one that has no 'out' at the bottom, so you have to do a 20 point turn in that tight parking garage to get back out? I'm glad things are OK for her tummy, and she is growing into a such an encourager!

Brandy said...

I am so glad she is doing good! What a little trooper through this all. Hope has been very teary lately and I think I am going to start doing what you are doing instead of just getting frustrated with her. Ooops. Thanks for the post! I have been wondering how you guys were doing.

keely steger said...

sounds like she'll be a terrific big sister!