Monday, July 23, 2007

Thank you!!

We did it!  With your help we have decided on the name of our next precious little baby.  Although more than 50% of you voted for Abigail, we diverted from that.  Several of you chose Charis, another wonderful name.  But we decided against that one as well.  

So you are probably asking, "If you didn't pick what we voted for, what help were we?"  

Posting our top choices made us get serious about the decision process.  It forced us to think - we even got a baby name book from the library!  This book taught us how to match the first name with the last by syllables or by connecting sounds.  And all this education about naming a child didn't really help either.  BUT while looking at the book we decided to go onto this book's website and while on the website, we ran across a name we both instantly fell in love with.  So, long story short (actually this is becoming a short story long) our baby girl's name will be (drum roll please).....  Elsie Mae Wood

Elsie is from the name Elizabeth meaning "My God is a Promise", and the middle name Mae is Eric's mom's name.  So, just like Jenna, this baby girl has a very special name.  

We reserve the right to change this name if we think of anything that could be negative.  But now you all officially have to say that you love the name we chose.  :)  


HollyGoLightly said...

I love the new name!! I just created my first blog!

rmmoffats said...

I think that is so cute. Well done!

Alison said...

I love it!

faith said...

Good choice! I like it a lot!

Alison said...

You know Elizabeth is my middle name! I like it! It kind of feels like she is named after me and I will continue to live in that lie so please don't ruin it for me! Love you guys!

keely steger said...

beautiful! i love it as well.

The Chirgwin family said...

Course our daughter's name is:
Elise Rae - no joke!
So how could I not love it!!! :)

ang said...

Just wanted to help you make this the most commented on blog post in history...I'm not so sure about Elsie, I'm pretty offended it's not Angela. KIDDING, I LOVE IT!! Cute, cute, cute. Elsie Wood. You know, it also works for when she gets married...Elsie Stump. Not bad at all.