Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here is a picture of Jenna singing a song she made up. She does that a lot. Right now as I type this she is singing a song that goes, "I want my juice-a, with a sippy cup..." She often puts her thoughts to song.

For about a week now, Jenna has been waking up at 6am. I am not sure why. I remember a time (2-3 years ago) that my sister's oldest was waking up really early. She set a clock up for Davis and told him he couldn't come out until the first number was a 7. He would wake at 6am each morning and wait and wait and wait until it was finally seven. A little while after my sister set this up, they realized that the clock had a pre-set alarm which was going off at 6am each morning! Poor guy was waking to an alarm! They fixed that problem and he was a much later sleeper. Anyways, that isn't our problem here. Jenna has no clocks or alarms, just an early internal buzzer. It is especially painful on a Saturday morning. Hence me blogging so early on a Saturday. Hopefully we will be back to our normal soon.

We have been busy lately moving Jenna into her new bedroom. I will post some pictures when it is done, but that will be a while. We have a lot of work to do!


Greg and Andrea said...

Oooo, the 6am wake up is rough. Hope she starts sleeping in soon! You need your rest!

Anonymous said...

Hope has done that on and off at times too. for us it usually lasts a week or two and she goes back to her normal scheduel. If she wakes up early now, i usually tell her to go play in her room until i come get her or i make her read books in bed until i go get her up. hope you get back to normal soon:)