Friday, June 08, 2007

20 weeks!

Halfway there and all is good. My doctor said that I am measuring great, and that everything looks good. While checking the heartbeat, this baby girl kicked a few good ones. I've been feeling a lot of movement lately - Eric even got the feel the baby kick last week.

Here's two words that Jenna says wrong that make us laugh:
Crap-pa (Grandpa)
Chicken Maggots (Chicken Nuggets)
She loves those maggots.


ang said...

Mmmm, maggots are some of my favorites too, Jen. Glad to hear your sissy is making her presence known!

faith said...

Wow, 20 weeks!! I love that stage..when you finally feel the baby move! How fun. I'm sure your dads feel honored being called crap-pa, that is hilarious!

keely steger said...

I've been out of the loop since we've moved and been without internet. Please accept our belated congratulations on another girl! We're so excited for you guys! I love the new pics of you all.