Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My Hubby...

Eric is always so great at making me feel special on my birthday. He loves to suprise me with unexpected gifts, and he is always thoughful about it. I think he gets more excited for my birthday than I do! This morning he had a movie scavenger hunt ready for me! Even though he was sick throwing up all day yesterday and still isn't feeling that great today, he made my birthday special. So, thanks E. I love you tons and tons! Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for working hard to provide for our family.
Unfortunatly Eric will not get to read this today because he is home sick again. But now you all know a little more about how great a husband he is!
He has been sleeping since he got home at 9:30 this morning. Take your Airborn, drink lots of water and wash your hands! Don't catch whatever is going around!


Alison said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!

Eneas Family said...

happy birthday megs! have an awesome day!

bhschmidt said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Are you really 27 already, you are old! Just kidding you are just the perfect age. I hope you are feeling somewhat ok today, if not then you will just have to celebrate your birthday again when everyone if feeling better. Love ya, Heidi