Sunday, December 10, 2006

Girls Spa Day!

Last month my mom took Jenne and I to Bonneville Spa for some girl time pampering fun! It was amazing. We were wrapped, massaged, oiled, and calmed. Ahhh. It was so much fun. Bonneville is a beautiful place with such a relaxing feel. The one strange thing was that when you pull up to the Spa, the first thing you see in a putt-putt golf course. A little out of place, but I enjoy a good game of putt-putt so I got over it. Anyways, we had our treatments and then ate a wonderful lunch and then finished the day with some shopping. It was such a great girls day. Meanwhile Eric took Jenna to the Children's Museum for some great Father/Daughter bonding. Special day for everyone.
By the way, sorry about the poor picture quality. These pictures were emailed to me in a really small format. So although it looks like my mom and I are missing part of a tooth, we're not.


Anonymous said...

fun times..such a good idea of your mom's. fun girl time.