Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So much to post...so little time!

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving with our relatives in San Jose! The time went too fast. It is always so good to be with Eric's family down there. I wish I could post ALL about it, but I have a few very busy days (or few weeks!) coming up. You see, my sweet sister is going to be induced tomorrow morning! What that means for me is babysitting the boys for a few days, and then spending a lot of time at Jenne's house with the kids to help once Ryan goes back to work. And once Jenne goes back to work, I will be babysitting all four kids a few times a week! I am so excited, but boy is it going to be a busy season!

So, back to Thanksgiving! It was a weekend full of amazing food, WONDERFUL family, super fun games, more food, more family, and even more games. We didn't do the traditional Wood Family Annual Pinnochle Tournament, but we haven't actually had the tournament since '04 when it was first born. Poppy and I came in second that year, only because Jake and Brian had a system worked out between them (some would call it cheating!!). But we did play tons of Pinnochle, tons of class struggle (aka social stratification), a game of yuker, some golf, and many other card games. Here are some pictures of the fun...

Here we are playing games at Poppy Sam and Aunt Neva's house.

This is at the winery that Brian works at. It was up in the mountains. We had to drive up this really cruvey road to get there. Jenna kept saying, "Weeeee!", as though it was a roller coaster ride! The rest of us were just doing our best to not get car sick!

After that, we went to Brian and Katie's house, which is also up in the mountians. It was like a retreat home, with an amazing view. Beautiful. They have a kitty, which Jenna ADORED! She kept saying, "come here kitty, here kitty!" She LOVED that cat. As we left their house, Eric said, "I know what we are getting Jenna for Christmas." We'll see.

Jenna hanging out with the girls.

Dancing with Auntie Keri...

We didn't get very many pictures, but that at least covers some of our time in San Jose. I will post more pictures if anyone sends me some. Thanks for such a wonderful weekend! We miss you and can't wait to see you again!


keely steger said...

I'm officially jealous. Looks like a fun time as usual!

By the way- is Uncle Tim wearing leggings or something?

Megan said...

Keely, we missed you and your family. Sounds like Thanksgiving in Oklahoma was wonderful as well.

Uncle Tim is wearing his Football refereeing uniform. He got teased (mostly by Brian) from the moment he walked in the door. Brian said he looked like a junior higher at a slumber party with leggings and an oversized t-shirt.

auntievee said...

What fun to see people I have known for so long, especially Sam. I spent a couple of Thanksgivings at Sam and Neva's as well, back in the early 1970's. I am glad you had a good time.

Alison said...

Rules that were learned on Thanksgiving:
Never out bid your partner, the other team will get the bid for way to low!
Eric can not be beat at social stratification!
10 lbs. of potatoes is never enough in our family... no matter what my mom says!
Four days is too short!