Saturday, October 21, 2006


We had a family outing to the Pumpkin patch today. Our family, my sister's fam, and my parents enjoyed the sunny day together. Plus, we saw Julia's family, Ashlynn's family, and the Austin fam!

When we took Jenna over to the patch of pumpkins (where TONS of pumpkins are), she said with the biggest eyes, "TWO PUMPKINS!"

Here are the cousins! They love each other, can't you tell!

Playing in the house

Our little family

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to my parents house. Davis hung out with Grandpa for quite a while. Here's a picture from when they returned from their explorations...

It's hard to tell, but they both have straw in their folks.

Thanks, everybody, for the fun day!


Sam I am said...

Nice fall colors on your blog :)
happy harvest!

faith said...

great pics! I love the "two pumpkins" comment! and hey, no bangs in jenna's face!

Anonymous said...

too cute! looks like lots of fun. we are taking the kids this week.

Ziomal said...

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