Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun weekend plans

Two years ago, my mom gave my sister and I an awesome gift. It was a little photo album full of gift cards which we had to use together! So this Saturday morning we are using our gift card to Bonneville Spa! My sis is getting the pregnancy massage, my mom is getting a massage, and I am getting a pumpkin wrap and massage! Then we are going to have a very relaxing lunch together. I am SO excited!

Meanwhile, Jenna and Eric are going to have a Father/Daughter day! He is taking her to the Portland Children's museum. It should be a fun day for the whole family.

Here is a picture of Jenna and Daddy reading together. When Jenna wants us to read books, she actually wants to read not with, but alongside you. She gives us one of her books and takes one for herself and then together we read quietly. It is so funny. It doesn't take long, however, for her to curl up and read with us. It is sweet.


faith said...

Have a BLAST! What a treat and what a good idea. Hope you get really spoiled and pampered and hope Eric has a blast with Jenna. Daddy Daughter days are so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Too fun! I love getting to go pamper myself, you feel like a whole new woman after! Have a great time and you too Eric. What an exciting day! I love pumpkin. I think I would want a pumpin latte and a pumpkin scone with my pumpkin wrap! Have fun.

keely steger said...

I wish we could see you guys soon.