Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lots of fun...lots of pictures!

Bruce and Mae played with Jenna while Eric and I went on a date!

Our date included lunch at P.F.Chang's, wandering around Edgefield (it is a winery, brewery, hotel, garden, etc), a trip to the chocolate store, and an errand to Walmart. These pictures are from Edgefields!

Poppy and Mimi took Jenna to the park, to the Burger King play place, gave her a bath, and did lots of other fun things!

I think everyone enjoyed the day!


faith said...

cute usual. glad you guys got to go on a date...did you stay at edgefield? once again, jenna is sooo cute! we need to get together soon!

Hollie B. said...

Yay, I'm sure Bruce and Mae were thrilled to come and visit! They are obsessed with you guys - in the good way, of course :-)! That little Jenna is getting some long legs on her, she is going to be so tall. She is, as always, adorable! I'm glad you and Eric got to have a little time together, that's always a welcome thing!

Anonymous said...

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Sam I am said...

Megan...seriously, your duaghter is a spitting image of you (what does that phrase actually mean?). ANYwho...she's adorable!!!!