Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Busy day!

Today was a busy day for us. First, we went to the zoo for $2 Tuesday! It was so much fun! Jenne and the boys met us there and we looked at all the animals. Jenna has always enjoyed the zoo, and each time her enjoyment seems to grow! It is so fun. Jackson and Davis (cousins) took the time to show her where the different animals were hiding, and to take her by the hand to the next exhibit. It was cute.

After the zoo, we headed home for a late nap...which had to be cut short because of a doctor appointment. The doc found Jenna to be healthy and strong - and SO tall. We already knew that, but it is always interesting to find out the "stats." She is in the 70th percentile for weight, and off the charts for height. For girls, you double the height at 18 months to find out how tall they will be when they grow up. If that is accurate, Jenna will be 5'10" just like her mama.

The doctor gave Jenna four shots and then we headed home. Jenna did not like the bandaids and she was complaining about the "ouchies" so I spoiled her a little. Here she is watching her favorite video (for the SECOND time today) all comfy on the couch.

Her favorite things: Wheels on the Bus video, blankie, kitty, milk.

Yesterday we played in the water on the back patio for a while. Can't get much better than dumping water on yourself.

Fun summer days. Just trying to enjoy the last of the sun until it disappears for a few months.


Whitney :) said...

SO cute is she. I loved the video, I just discovered it. Keep the videos coming because watching sweet Jenna in action is just hilarious!!! :)

Greg and Andrea said...

Just dicovered how to make posts (I am a bit slow)!

Great blog, cute kid, and I appreciate you sharing your heart for all Eric


auntievee said...

Love the picture of Jenna on the couch. How wonderful to have a mommy that knows how to make you feel better and spoils you! You are making wonderful memories for that little girl.

Alison said...

Little girls can never seem to sit lady like, can they?