Monday, September 25, 2006


Today was a rough one - Jenna threw her first official tantrum...
And then she threw her second. About an hour later she threw her third and forth. I just finished dealing with the fifth (and hopefully final one since she is now in bed). I feel like I could burst into tears.

It was so hard to maintain my cool. At first I was laughing (on the inside) because it was kind of cute and funny. She was kicking and slapping her hands on the ground, and when I walked away from her she got up, followed me, and threw herself on the ground again. But after a while I was finding myself struggling to control my anger. I was frustrated and there didn't seem to be anything I could do to fix the situation. Honestly I just didn't know how to handle it.

The poor girl was really tired today, kinda sick, and she is getting another tooth (she had a lot of things working against her). I was trying to keep that in mind and thus be extra patient, but I didn't want to allow the behavior. I guess I need to decide how to handle this new stage. Or at least make some plans so that I have options when the time comes.

Bleh. Parenting is hard.


The Maddox Family said...

Parenting is tough and so are drama queens! Hang in there, you are definately not done seeing tantrums and defiance but you are for sure going to become pro at handling them. You are a great mom!

faith said...

I am right there with you Megan. We should start a blog that just deals with discipline so we can swap ideas. This is such a hard stage, I'm sure every stage will bring some major challenges but I think this is one of the most difficult of their first 5 years of life. They are old enough to know they are disobeying but not really old enough to know what to do with their defiance so they just throw fits. I struggle EVERY DAY with not losing my temper. It is HARD! Hang in there. Our girls can run with the best of them when it comes to tantrums, but we have to remember we really do have good girls. It could be soooo much worse! I would know from my 3 years of working with 2 1/2-6 year olds...some MAJOR bad kids! Let's finally get together when Jenna feels better and we'll just let the girls throw fits together in the other room! While we put our feet up and relax!!:)

Bronwyn said...

I am right there with you! Since our girls are only 2 weeks apart, they are pretty much in sinc with fit throwing, telling Mommy "NO!" and also being absolutely adorable. It is so rough though when you are in the middle of it. The worst is in public when you feel as though everyone in the world stops to scrutinize how you'll handle it. We're enjoying "The Essentials of Discipline" by Focus on the Family. We'd be happy to let you borrow it some time if you are interested! Hang in there!