Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Better day today

It is like Jenna knew that I needed an easier day. She slept in this morning. When I went into her room she asked for a big hug and a kiss. When I gave her breakfast she said, "thank you very much mommy."

Faith, what you said in your comment to me is so true. When kids are going through the tantrum stage, we have to remember that they really are good girls.


faith said...

I am glad for you. What a sweetheart!

Andrea said...

It's hard to believe that sweet little face belongs to a tantrum-throwing little girl. I remember the many tantrums a day phase with Kari. I also remember feeling totally helpless and ineffective as a parent. She doesn't do that anymore, but she does other things that make it difficult to keep calm! You're doing great, Megan. You're winning, even if it doesn't seem like it. :)