Saturday, August 26, 2006

Little Friends...

It is so fun to watch little kids as they learn to play together. Last night Dan and Ang came over with their two boys. Jake is about 8 months older than Jenna, and Ty is exactly one year younger. Jake and Jenna play together pretty well! Here are some pictures:

Legos. Noisy to play with right now because the
fun is in the dump out and the clean-up.

They were coming right for me!
They both wanted to touch the camera! Ahhh!

Don't ask why Jake doesn't have pants on.

A quick hug and even a little smooch
ended the evening with our dear friends.

These are just some of the precious pictures that will be in their wedding slide show someday. Just kidding, just kidding.


faith said...

you aren't kidding:) those are precious pictures! I haven't seen Jake in a while...what an adorable little man! Jenna is SOOO cute!