Tuesday, August 22, 2006


About 20 minutes ago, I put Jenna down for her morning nap. And as is her custom lately, she talks to her kitty and her blankies and anything else who might find her interesting for about 45 minutes before she finally exhausts herself and goes to sleep. Its so cute to listen to. Right now she is hollering, "Mingy, whe-are you?" over and over again. She does call me mommy, but she hears me called "mingy" constantly by her sweet cousins.

Ah, Davis and Jackson. I have the privilege of watching my sweet nephews two times a week and I love it (some days more than others, but overall, I truly love it).

It is so interesting though...I am learning how to raise a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 year old a little earlier than expected! I am not just their babysitter. Since I have them 10-12 hours a week, I do my best to keep things consistent with their home-life. I avoid spanking at all costs, but I give Jackson time-outs and sometimes Davis and I have to sit down and have a 'talk' about this or that. I often look back and say, "boy I hope they forget I said that." I just have to remember to pray for wisdom each day.

Another interesting thing is that Jenna is being raised like a first born, but also like the baby of the family. I guess that will change once my sister has her third boy (who by the way is due on my birthday)! So, it is all very interesting.

One quick cousin story (there are so many, I need to write them all down!)...Yesterday I was about to put Jackson down for a nap and so he came over to Jenna and gave her a big hug and a kiss. "Nigh Night Jenna." Jenna's response, "Thank you Jackson...nigh night!" It was super precious. I put Jackson to bed in the playroom and he was quiet. Little did I know that he was very quietly playing with all the toys in there! About an hour into his 'nap' I walked by the room and heard some noise. I looked in the room and he was on the ground playing. I told him to get in bed and gave him a few minutes to think things over. When I returned he was in bed, but was laying on two toys and had a few others in bed with him. He looked at me with those big innocent eyes and didn't say a word. I took all the toys away, kissed him goodnight and didn't hear another peep. Aren't kids great!